Solo show ‘Hedonia’ 16.01.20 / 16.02.2020 At Hotel Ibérostar Las Letras, Madrid.   

Solo Exhibition                            
Commissioned and co-produced with La Habitacion Numero13.

This body of work originated from an exhibition comissioned by the arts and culture department of the Hotel Iberostar Las Letras, Madrid. Mixing figurative and abstract, the work plays with the concepts of  pleasure, beauty, decadence and ephemerality, in relation to the potential of the hotel as a space for a sublimation of everyday life. As well as a temporaty disconnection/ escape from it.

With inspirations varying from vanitas paintings, olympian gods, the human form, decadent literature such as Joris Karl Huysmans ‘Against Nature’ to victorian desserts, the works sways between a thirst for beauty and a satirical look at overconsumption and the impermuanence of pleasure.