The Delhi Dispatch



The Delhi Dispatch

Cover + book designbook
Art Direction

Written by Robbile Gilmore.

‘Self-deprecating, self-aware and always thoughtful, The Delhi Dispatch is the story of one man’s blind date with the magnificent and terrible beauty that is India’

The book was born from the collaboration between three artists (Robbie Gilmore, Miki Lowe and Xiana Estevez), who wanted to develop a ‘positive’ project during lockdown. Somewhere between non fiction travel and art book, The Delhi Dispatch was conceived to raise funds for the charity Asha, who work with Delhi’s poorest residents. Drawing connections between the current challenges facing Indian society, and the historical circumstances underpinning them, this book offers a fascinating introduction into modern Indian life.

Available in paperback and Kindle format on Amazon.
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All proceeds from this book will be donated to the charity Asha.

The word “Asha” means “hope” in Hindi. Founded in 1988, Asha works with Delhi’s poorest residents, giving people living in slum areas hope by allowing them to realise their potential, regardless of background, caste or religious beliefs.

Since 1988, Asha has developed a strong track record in improving the lives of the urban poor and as a result, has won the respect and support of politicians in India and around the world.

The main colours of the book
- orange, green and white -
are the colours shared by the Indian flag and the Irish flag, where the author is from, and express visually the meeting of those two cultures, from which The Delhi Dispatch was born.