The Garden Series

The Garden Series, or imaginary gardens,
or Paradises reimagined. 

A series of pen or ink drawing inspired by the rich and universal symbolism of gardens, and influenced by a mix of Mediterranean, arab, classic greco-roman architecture and tropical plants. 

Gardens - in between spaces, and a meeting point between nature and man’s hand -  have many associations for different people and cultures;

Perhaps the most obvious association  in western culture would be the garden of Eden, the lost paradise. But in many other cultures and religions, the garden is also often found as a spiritual symbol, either as a place in the after life - in islam for instance - or bring the the realm of the living and tangible enormous methaphysical ideas, such as the universe represented in Zen Gardens.

It may signify secret, mystery, a refuge calm and peace, beauty and pleasure, romance, leisure, status, but also community, growth.

Then there is also the idea of ‘cultivating our own inner garden’ as said by Voltaire.